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27G-Technology is on the top 2020 startups shortlist of the European Space Agency
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27G-Technology Company Presentation
Publication about the SMOG development (2017)
The idea of founding 27G-Technology Ltd. was born in 2019 after the successful launch of the SMOG-P and ATL-1 satellites which are currently the smallest operational satellites in space with scientific missions. The engineers of 27G-T took part in the design and worked on both satellites among other space related projects such as developments for the European Space Agency and other organizations of the space sector. Seeing the growing demands of scientific space missions, ground application of space technologies and the eagerness of the human civilization after next generation solutions, 27G-T could help agencies and communities with new unique ideas.
The 10th launch of RocketLab's Electron rocket, Mahia Peninsula, New Zealand - 6 December, 2019. Credits: Brendan Gully Photography
27G-Technology is currently developing a new state-of-the-art semiconductor-based dosimeter solution to measure and monitor the health conditions of electrical circuits during space missions. This instrument is ultra-small (13×15×3mm only) and easy to apply to any electrical systems including satellite missions, aviation safety, scientific experiments, nuclear research, radiology and personal dosimetry. This dosimeter solution was tested and validated with irradiation tests at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and also received positive results by a second laboratory. The proto flight models of this solution are currently active in space on-board SMOG-P, which is the world’s smallest scientific satellite with its overall size of 50×50×50mm. These instruments proudly bare the name of the world’s smallest electrical dosimeters.
The preliminary visualizations of the first dosimeter module of 27G-Technology